What is “by the bed” leasing?
Each roommate is only responsible for the rent on his/her bed. So, if one moves out, the remaining roommates are not responsible for the exiting roommate’s rent.

What is included in my rent?
The rent will include all utilities including electricity, heat, hot water, air conditioning, cable, and high speed internet.

Do you offer Roommate Matching?
Yes. We work with students to assist in determining roommates.

What happens if after I move in I don’t like my roommate?
Should there be differences that simply cannot be worked out, we can transfer, dependent on availability (a transfer fee may apply and the transferee will be required to pay the rental rate for the new bed/room).

How do I pay my rent and when is it due?
Rent is due the first day of each month. You may mail or deposit your rent at the on-site office. You may use check or money orders. By telephone you can pay by credit or debit card or pay online with ACH payment.

Can I pay my rent online?
Yes, with ACH payment Auto Debit. For more details, go to the Home Page and click on “Pay Your Rent Online”.

Do you allow pets?
No, pets are not allowed.